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My  Homeschool Advantage is a new homeschooling platform designed to help parents gain access to the best ideas, tools, resources, and products available for homeschooling today. Subscribe today to gain access to all that we’re preparing for you!


Your Environment

 One homeschooling key is creating a dedicated and inviting learning space within your home! It truly works wonders for your children’s education journey. This special area acts as a sanctuary of knowledge, fostering a sense of excitement and curiosity. Imagine a place where their imagination takes flight, where lessons come alive through vibrant decorations and personalized touches.  Click the button to read an excellent post by The Blossom Tree on “how to create an engaging learning space in your home” 

Location: Texas, U.S.



Learn By Doing

As a parent, how often have you pondered the difference between your academic knowledge and your experiential knowledge? Big difference right? Your actual skillsets are acquired by doing not just by a textbook or a test.  For this reason, we have put together some great resources and online learning options that keep your children engaged and help them to learn by doing. Click on the link to check out Khan Academy to learn more about experiential learning.

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Our Mission & Vision

At My Homeschooling Advantage, our mission is to empower and support homeschooling parents on their educational journey. We are dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community where parents can connect, share insights, and find inspiration. Our commitment extends beyond offering a carefully curated selection of top-tier online schools, educational resources, and essential products. We strive to be a guiding light, illuminating the path of personalized learning, fostering a love for knowledge, and creating the optimal home environment for every child’s growth. Together, we shape futures and build a community bound by the joy of learning.

A Word

From Carl Stanton

Thanks so much for checking out My Homeschooling Advantage.  It’s a vision my wife and I have had for years. Taking on the responsibility of educating our son was no small challenge.  Along that way, we have learned a few things and created some dynamic tools and resources to make the experience less of a burden and more of a journey for our son and for us.  Join us in this journey, and help us build an engaged community that resonates with ideas, belonging, and love! 

– Carl Stanton

National, State & Local Upcoming Events & Activities



Sci-Tech Discovery Center

Sci-Tech Discovery Center is an amazing resource for extended homeschooling activities. Located in Frisco, TX. Open Tuesday (members only) through Sunday—10am – 4pm and 5pm on weekends.  They offer public programs, field trips, Museum, hands on activities, birthday parties and more 

Website & Contact Info

Check out their website:

Sci-Tech Discovery Center
8004 N Dallas Pkwy #200
Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: 469-896-2188


Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 4pm



Coach to Communicate

Coach to Communicate (C2C) offers ongoing coaching sessions that improve parental knowledge of and skill in implementing behavioral techniques. Parents learn how to effectively improve social communication skills in their children!  This is an ongoing program and you can register any time. 

Website & Contact Info



Sanikan Wattanawongwan
704 Harrington Tower
College Station, TX 77843
4225 TAMU



Gala & Fundraiser—Steadfast

Don’t miss the yearly gala & fundraiser event hosted by The Texas Home School Coalition and Freedom Project. This year the guest speaker is Dr. Peter A. McCullough brings truth to the world and fights battles against censorship and reprisal. He is one of the most published cardiologists ever in America,

Website & Event Info



Houston CityPlace Marriott

1200 Lake Plaza Dr.

Spring, TX    77389


April 2024

Texas Homeschool Convention

Register early for the 3-day (April 18-21) Texas Homeschool Convention in Dallas Fort Worth. This is the time and the place to exhibit your ideas and products to help other homeschoolers, network and get inspired! 

Website & Event Info

Website for information and registration:



June 2024

Texas Homeschool Expo

The Texas Homeschool Expo is an annual resource fair for current and prospective home educators. It offers a unique opportunity to explore dozens of educational curricula, resources, programs & organiztions.

Website & Event Info

Website & Links to registration:

NOTE: If you want to participate as a speaker, go onto the website to submit your Presenter application by November 3rd.



Texas Field Trips

The site The Home School Mom has an extensive list of places that homeschool children and families can plan field trips throughout their homeschool calendar.  Visit parks, museums, nature centers, observatory & nerf wars! 

Website & Field Trip Info

Click on the website link to view the extensive field trip list prepared by The Home School Mom! 

Texas Field Trips

Homeschool Connect

Facilities and Organizations

One of the great reasons to live in Texas is education! To have a state and government that believes in school choice and the opportunity to raise your children with a strong moral and faith-based foundation is a blessing, not available everywhere. This freedom has cultivated some great homeschooling organizations and institutions and we’re happy to share them with you! 

THSC: Texas Homeschool Coalition

Public Schools have PTA’s and if you think you’re missing out, think again! Here in Texas, we have a PTA equivalent in the Texas Home School Coalition. Click here to learn more. 

Home School Meals Menu

What we feed our children makes or breaks their ability to focus and excel in learning. To help our parents create healthy, kid-edible meals, we created a free chef resource for you. 

Texas Academic Standards
  • Texas prides itself in its achievable and accessible academic standards.  To learn more about Homeschooling Academic Standards in Texas, click here!
Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are vital for your child’s social immersion.  We are compiling a great resource for extracurricular activities.  While you’re waiting, take a read of the Texas Law article on extracurricular activities, school activities, and summer-camps. Click here to read.

Technology In the Classroom

One vital component to homeschooling is technology—computers, iPads and Smartboards.  The advantages of purchasing Apple technology is extensive.  First, apple leads in learning management software, its creative suite for engaging your children in Art, graphic design, and modeling is exemplary.  From the iMac, to the Apple Pencil, Apple products engage your children’s learning and creative senses like none other.  Apple offers exclusive discounts for homeschoolers and students. 



Trends, Tools & Tips

Make sure to check out our blog where we keep you updated on the latest and greatest trends, teaching tools, and tips in homeschooling! 

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Non-Discrimination Policy

At My Homeschooling Advantage, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and welcoming educational environment for all families and students. We firmly believe that diversity is a strength and that every child should have access to a high-quality faith-based education regardless of their background, race, religion, gender, or abilities.