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Sept 15: CBN Reports

Record Numbers of Texas Students Leaving Public Schools for Homeschooling

Tens of thousands of parents in the state of Texas are choosing to homeschool their children following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent data from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) showed almost 29,765 students switched to homeschooling after withdrawing from public or private schools during the 2021-22 school year. The information was part of an open records request by the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC). 


Who Would Texas’ ESAs Benefit? 

Dallas Morning News

AUSTIN — Shinara Morrison drove four hours to stand in the rain outside the Capitol and rally for public money to help home-school her third-grade son.

“We’ve had a really rough experience with Texas schools,” Morrison said at a Parent Empowerment Rally in Austin on Tuesday. “Teachers don’t have a passion to teach anymore. I would rather teach my own child.”

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Texans Turning to Homeschooling

Texas Tribune

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30,000 Leave Public Schools

The Texan  Sept. 6, 2023

29,795 Texas students left Public Schools in 2021-2022 following the COVID-19 lockdowns, and now new information supports the claim that the trend of homeschooling children is still on the rise. “We continue to see concern about safety, parental involvement, and the school environment as the most important reasons that parents cite when they choose to homeschool,”

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Homeschooling on the High Seas

Fox News  July 27, 2023

A homeschooling mother took ‘real world learning,’ to a new level when her family sold their Texas home and bought a sailboat, committing to a life on the high seas.

“My kids meet people from all over the world, different languages, different cultures,” said Renee Whitaker, a mom of five. “It’s a very global education.”

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$8,000 in Tax Dollars

KSAT Connect  March 18, 2023

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Bills HB 1819 and HB 3993

Austin County News Online   

HB 1819, designed to defend parental rights, specifically addresses the issue of juvenile curfews imposed by local governments.

Similarly, HB 3993 focuses on protecting the rights of homeschooling students, specifically in relation to the college admission process.

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